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Eric the cat

Hello!. . . I'm Eric and The Holistic Place belongs to me, as you can see....
I arrived in August 2004 when Guinness, who was in charge here before me, became very weak and was sent to the place that one day awaits us all.

Well, he was twenty one years old and had a very good life here. He strongly recommended that I leave it about six weeks after his 'passing on'....to be respectful you understand...and then just sort of...move in......So I did!

I am a six year old , black and white cat who previously lived a few doors away, with a few other cats... that I didn't get on too well with and my household was just about to move away so the timing was purrrrrfect!! They didn't mind me moving in here.

The really spooky thing is that dear old Guinness was in exactly the same position, colour and age as me, when he moved in ...all those years ago.....isn't life strange?...

.......and in the dead of night, at three am., just a few hours after Guinness was ceremoniously laid to rest in the garden here, a loud noise awoke the humans, who hurried to the kitchen, where the Cat-Flap frame was laying on the floor......and the 'window' bit was outside on the back step......no sign of any cat was to be seen.....Guinness' last 'farewell'....?


Eric the cat relaxing

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