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  Obesity 'lifts inflammation risk'   - 20th October 2008

Obesity and lack of fitness raise the risk of illness by impacting negatively on the body's internal chemistry, research suggests.  [MORE]

  Obesity boom will cost tax payers   - 7th October 2008

Soaring obesity levels look set to drain local health and public service budgets, which will mean higher taxes for all, experts warn. [MORE]

  Vein tubes 'fitted needlessly'   - 7th September 2008

The insertion of tubes into hospital patients' veins is unnecessary in a third of cases, pharmacists have warned. [MORE]

  Farm pregnancy 'cuts asthma risk'   - 30th August 2008

Living on a farm during pregnancy may help reduce the chance of the child developing asthma, eczema and even hayfever, say scientists. [MORE]

  Drug chief angry at medicine cost  - 17th August 2008

The head of a government health advisory body has accused pharmaceutical companies of driving up the price of medicine. [MORE]

  Obesity 'equal to terror threat'   - 14th August 2008

The threat to Britain and the NHS from rising obesity is as grave as that posed by terrorism, a top expert says. [MORE]

  Exercise 'slows down Alzheimer's'  - 14th July 2008

Being physically fit could hold back the advance of Alzheimer's disease, US researchers have suggested. [MORE]

  Being too fat 'can damage sperm' - 9th July 2008

Obese men have poorer quality sperm, perhaps because too much fat around their testicles causes them to heat up, scientists have suggested. [MORE]

  Sulston argues for open medicine - 4th July 2008

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist has hit out at what he terms the "moral corruption" of the medical industry. [MORE]

  Patient safety worry over records - 21st May 2008

Concerns have been raised over patient safety, after a poll revealed thousands of appointments are taking place without the patient's records. [MORE]

  Fear over child tranquilliser use - 7th April 2008

Increasing numbers of UK children are being prescribed unlicensed anti-psychotic drugs, research suggests. [MORE]

  Cannabis compound 'halts cancer' - 19th November 2007

A compound found in cannabis may stop breast cancer spreading throughout the body, US scientists believe. [MORE]

  Obesity 'fuels cancer in women'- 7th November 2007

About 6,000 middle-aged or older women in the UK develop cancer each year because they are obese or overweight, a Cancer Research UK-funded study says.  [MORE]

  Be thin to cut cancer, study says - 31st October 2007

Even those who are not overweight should slim down if they want to cut their risk of cancer, a major international study has claimed.   [MORE]

  Obesity 'as bad as climate risk' - 14th October 2007

The public health threat posed by obesity in the UK is a "potential crisis on the scale of climate change", the health secretary has warned. Alan Johnson said a "cultural and societal shift" was needed.  [MORE]

  Brits 'dying not to do exercise' - 17th September 2007

Most UK adults are so unwilling to exercise that not even the threat of an early death is enough to get them off the sofa, a survey suggests.   [MORE]

  Obesity 'threatens future of NHS' - 11th September 2007

The problem of obesity poses a serious threat to the future of the NHS in England, a landmark report warns.   [MORE]

  Drug watchdog 'must get tougher' - 24th August 2007

The body assessing new therapies and drugs for the NHS could be approving too many treatments, a report has said.  [MORE]

  Exercise 'must be tough to work'- 17th August 2007

To be healthy, you really do need to break into a sweat when you exercise, say experts.  [MORE]

  Obesity 'could bankrupt the NHS' - 15th December 2006

The rising levels of obesity could bankrupt the NHS if left unchecked, a British Medical Journal report warns.  [MORE]

  Diabetes drugs 'pose heart risk' - 27th July 2007

Two drugs commonly prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes double the risk of heart failure, a study of data on more than 78,000 patients suggests.    [MORE]

  GPs 'bombarded' by drug companies - 6th July 2007

Drug companies are bombarding GPs with promotional materials and inducements, campaigners say.   [MORE]

  Cod liver oil 'treats depression' - 13th June 2007

It may make the stomach turn, but scientists in Norway suggest that taking a spoonful of cod liver oil each day could stave off depression.   [MORE]

  Alzheimer's 'diet link' analysed - 19th May 2007

Some scientists believe fruit juice could help prevent Alzheimer's.
A study is being launched to investigate possible links between diet and Alzheimer's disease..  

  Antidepressant prescribing soars - 14th May 2007

The number of prescriptions for antidepressants in England has hit a record high despite national guidance advocating alternative treatments.   [MORE]

  Aspirin may increase stroke risk - 1st May 2007

Healthy older people who take regular aspirin to prevent stroke may actually be increasing their risk.   [MORE]

  Anti-diabetes pills 'unjustified' - 26th April 2007

Taking prescription drugs to prevent diabetes cannot be justified when lifestyle changes are just as effective, say US scientists.   [MORE]

  Alternative therapy degree attack - 22nd March 2007

UK universities are teaching "gobbledygook" following the explosion in science degrees in complementary medicine, a leading expert says.   [MORE]

  Diabetes 'threat' to indigenous - 13th November 2006

Diabetes could threaten the existence of indigenous peoples around the world, experts have warned.   [MORE]

  Winter flu jabs evidence queried - 28th October 2006

There is not enough evidence to support the policy of immunising people against seasonal flu, an expert has claimed.   [MORE]

  Walking 'not enough to get fit' - 24th September 2006

Walking may not be enough on its own to produce significant health benefits, research suggests.   [MORE]

  Fears over trauma patient care - 7th September 2006

Casualty departments could be harming rather than helping patients with serious injuries, experts claim.   [MORE]

  'Minister for fitness' appointed - 23rd August 2006

The government has launched a fresh attempt to tackle obesity in England by appointing a "minister for fitness".   [MORE]

  'Toxic diets' fuel child obesity - 19th August 2006

The increase in childhood obesity is being caused by addiction to "toxic", sugar-filled manufactured foods, a US researcher has claimed.   [MORE]

  Concern over major MS drug trial - 27th July 2006

Leading scientists have raised serious concerns about a major government study into the effectiveness of drugs used by thousands of people with MS.   [MORE]

  Blair calls for lifestyle change - 27th July 2006

People must take more responsibility for their health to relieve pressure on the NHS, Tony Blair has said.   [MORE]

  Hospital 'failed' to tackle bug - 25th July 2006

"Serious failings" in infection control were responsible for the deadly spread of a hospital bug at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, according to an inquiry.   [MORE]

  Concerns over medics' drug skills - 19th July 2006

Patients are dying and being seriously harmed because many doctors lack the sufficient knowledge to prescribe drugs properly, leading experts say.  [MORE]

  Prebiotics 'cut baby's skin risk'- 23rd June 2006

Adding prebiotics to formula feed can help cut the risk of babies developing a form of eczema, research suggests.  [MORE]

  Veg 'prevents artery hardening' - 18th June 2006

Eating vegetables may prevent hardening of the arteries, research suggests.  [MORE]

  Call to scrap diabetes treat food - 11th June 2006

Retailers are being urged to withdraw diabetes treat food and drinks.  [MORE]

  Music 'can reduce chronic pain' - 28th May 2006

Research has confirmed listening to music can have a significant positive impact on perception of chronic pain.  [MORE]

  Charles calls for medical rethink - 17th May 2006

The Prince of Wales has called for a more holistic approach towards medicine and the nation's health.  [MORE]

  Drug reactions 'must be reported' - 11th May 2006

Some 250,000 patients yearly are admitted to hospital in the UK with adverse reactions to drugs at a cost of 466 million, a report suggests. [MORE]

  Child obesity 'doubles in decade' - 21st April 2006

Childhood obesity in England has doubled in 10 years, figures show. [MORE]

  Drug firms 'inventing diseases' - 11th April 2006

Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned. [MORE]

  Charges for NHS fraud allegations - 5th April 2006

Nine people and five companies will be charged with conspiracy to defraud the NHS over drug prices and supply, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has said. [MORE]

  Mental health link to diet change - 16th January 2006

Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says. [MORE]

  Obese 'don't want to lose weight' - 9th January 2006

More than a quarter of obese and overweight people do not want to lose weight, a survey says. [MORE]

  Vitamin D 'key for healthy lungs'- 19th December 2005

Vitamin D could play a role in keeping the lungs healthy, research suggests. [MORE]

  Right diet 'could help stop PMS'- 19th December 2005

A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D might banish pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), US researchers believe. [MORE]

  The secret of 'muscular' old age- 11th December 2005

Scientists believe they have found a way to enable the elderly to maintain muscle. [MORE]

  Poor diet 'costs NHS 6bn a year'- 15th November 2005

Poor diets cost the NHS 6bn a year in ill-health - three times as much as smoking, a study suggests. [MORE]

  Malnutrition 'time bomb' warning - 7th October 2005

Europe's ageing population means more will die of malnutrition unless urgent action is taken, warns a charity. [MORE]

  'Eat more beans' to stop cancer - 15th September 2005

Beans contain a potent anti-cancer compound. A diet rich in beans, nuts and cereals could be a way to prevent cancer, believe UK researchers. [MORE]

  Placebo sparks brain painkillers - 24th August 2005

US researchers say they have evidence of why some people get pain relief from sham treatment. [MORE]

  Alternative medicine access call - 16th August 2005

Everyone should have access to alternative medicine on the NHS, a leading patients' group says. [MORE]

  Superbugs found in chicken survey - 16th August 2005

Significant numbers of chickens on sale in UK shops are contaminated with superbugs, a scientific survey commissioned by BBC One's Real Story suggests. [MORE]

  Guidance 'exaggerates heart risk - 24th June 2005

Doctors say thresholds for "normal" blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been set so low healthy people might be put on unnecessary medication. [MORE]

  Public 'misled' over heart drug - 8th June 2005

A government agency has admitted it misled the public over support to allow a heart drug to be sold by high street chemists without a prescription. [MORE]

  Warning over gut drugs reliance - 21st May 2005

People are overusing antacids and other gut drugs to combat digestive problems, herbalists are warning. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists said high levels of use of such drugs was masking patients' underlying health problems. [MORE]

  Med journals 'too close to firms' - 17th May 2005

Medical journals are an extension of the marketing arms of drug firms, says an ex-British Medical Journal editor.  Dr Richard Smith, who edited the BMJ for 13 years, criticised the journals' reliance on drug company advertising. [MORE]

  MPs issue prescriptions warning - 4th April 2005

Too many drugs are being prescribed to patients before the full side-effects are known, MPs have warned. The health select committee said drug firms had become increasingly focused on marketing and some GPs had been too easily influenced by promotions. [MORE]